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&Beyond Benguerra Island

This is a true peaceful paradise, sheltered within a canopy of an indigenous casuarina pine forest, which protects it from offshore winds while opening up to panoramic views of the Indian Ocean. One is able to experience outstanding opportunities to explore Mozambique’s beautiful marine life as well as idyllic beaches, inland lakes and sand dunes.

Being a National Park since 1971, it is home to over 140 different bird species and rare last remaining dugong populations as well as other exceptional marine wildlife surrounding the island.

The unspoiled coral reefs give snorkelers as well as scuba divers the opportunity to see a vast variety of beautiful colourful and interesting fish.

This resort gives many opportunities to get on a series of different adventures (eg. Horse riding, dhow cruises, snorkelling and a lot more) to explore and enjoy the magical native forest, the attractive beaches as well as all the luxurious comfort.

There are 10 casinhas, 2 cabanas and a 3-bedroom casa familia available which admit cooling sea breezes through dark wooden shutters that fold open to endless ocean views. The casitas and cabanas have thatched roofs and are decorated in rich earthy colours with vibrant accents. The maximum of guests is 32 and children are welcome.

What is Special?

• Scheduled snorkelling trips

• Birdwatching

• Sea kayaking

• Castaway Picnic

• Island expedition

• Scuba diving

• Deep sea fishing or saltwater fly fishing (catch-and-release)

• Catamaran cruises

• Horse riding

• Scenic helicopter tour


The nearest Airport is Vilanculos Airport on the mainland.  Helicopter transfer flights can be arranged from the Airport to the island.  It is a short and scenic flight.  Light aircraft transfer flights can also be booked but are not ideal as the runway on Benguerra island is not tarred and often becomes waterlogged and therefore unusable.

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